John Ballantrae:


How I do a reading

If you are considering having a reading, here are some points you need to know.

A reading currently costs $45 US – I say it will be for twenty minutes, but I usually go longer.

There is a link to a PayPal button on the Buy Now page – the transaction will be handled by and through PayPal, so it is safe.

My method

My method is to record the reading and email it to you so you can listen. If something isn’t clear, we can follow-up by email or by telephone. I like satisfied customers, so to speak, and will do what I can.

I don’t like to do live readings over the phone, however. We have to assume that the right cards will come up, so you don’t have to be here or in direct contact with me when I do the reading.

People like to talk and explain about their reasons and this is fine, but I think a reading should be focused and considered and to the point. If we are talking during the reading, we get off-track and it takes up time and we run out of energy before the questions have been answered.

What you get

If you have watched any of my videos on YouTube, then you know that I don’t add filler and just talk for its own sake. The reading is focused and to the point. I like to talk about, not just what, but how and why, so you can be independent.

When I receive the notification from PayPal and have your questions, I read them a few time to kind of make a connection with you.

I write down the questions, then shuffle and pick cards, noting which cards – upright or reversed – go with which questions.

I think for a while about the answers so that when I start the recording, I keep going and don’t get stuck. It can be quite intense.

I then save the mp3 file, and at high quality, so it is a big file. It will be too big to send an as attachment to an email, so I upload it to WeTransfer and they will send you a link so the mp3 file can be downloaded to your computer. The file is downloadable for seven days, after which it is deleted, but I can always re-send it if you don’t do the download in time.

You need to do four things

1. You need to email your questions to

2. You need to pick a number between 1 and 9 – the first one that comes to mind will be the right one – and tell me which one you chose.

3. You also need to pick a number between 0 and 22 and tell me which one.

4. I like to know your date of birth – with the month spelled out so I don’t get confused. If you say you were born on 1/5/1971, was it the 1st of May or the 5th of January? The format is different in different countries.

If you happen to know the time of birth, then tell me along with the place of birth. Knowing the date of birth can be useful, but I don’t use it much unless there is something obvious to say with regards to timing.

If you have questions or doubts about a reading, email me at, or we can chat if you send me a telephone contact number.