John Ballantrae:

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This is the page for buying a reading for you – or for someone else – by John Ballantrae.

There is a button/link below for payment using PayPal. You can make a payment even if you don’t already have a PayPal account.

They take care of credit card processing on their secure site and send me a notification.

Your answer in an mp3 file

Once the answers have been recorded, I upload the mp3 file to

They email you a link – that will be good for one week – so you can download the file to your computer. I can always re-send it if you get delayed.

If you need additional information, email

  1. Do I want a reading?
  2. Have I paid using the PayPal button on the Buy Now page?
  3. Have I emailed my question or questions to ?
  4. If I choose to give background information or put my questions into their context, have I emailed ?
  5. Have I picked a number between 1 and 9 and included it in the email?
  6. Have I picked a number between 0 and 22 and included it in the email?
  7. Have I given my date of birth, spelling out the name of the month?

That’s it.

The mp3 file with a recording of the answer, will either be sent to you or you will get a link from which you can download it.