We can’t live without it.

So how best do we live with it?

A moment of rightness

Think back to a moment that you didn’t want to end. We’ve all had moments when we had a sense of knowing some kind of rightness.

What if you could create or re-create that state of mind, that sense of harmony, that peace, and apply it to any current or future difficulty or question? How would our life be much better?

This is what the Tarot shows us.

This is what you can get from a Tarot reading.

The basic problem is change

Change is the basic problem when things are not going the way we want. People behave differently (change) and we don’t like them so much any more. We try something (change) and it doesn’t work out. We get used to doing things a certain way, but then we no longer get the expected results, so we have to change – but how, and when, and will it work out?

What, why, how and when

Change refers to future conditions.

In a reading, you aren’t told just What – though that may be enough to satisfy you.

You also get ideas about Why – and suggestions on How to handle or deal with it – maybe information on what methods, procedures or techniques to try, or what to read, or something worth watching. This all puts you in a stronger position because you are more informed and knowledgeable.

How should we change with life?

We can ask some kind of expert and that may give us good results. At the same time, though, if you have a hammer, then every problem is a nail – so we can get good ideas, but they may not be the best or most appropriate changes for us to make.

So we’ve all had a moment we didn’t want to end, even if we know it was going to.

It may have been for just a moment when we had insight or certainty; or it could have lasted an hour or two when everything was right with the world.

Imagine if we could operate from a position of a moment that we don’t want to end. The Tarot can remind us of this sense of knowing that we had before. Moments of clarity are important because we are connected to that part of us that knows what is possible or that it – whatever “it” may be for you – can actually be.

The Tarot, which is really us talking to us, can enable us to enter, or re-enter, that state of mind that we know exists even if we seem to have lost contact with it or are separate from it temporarily.

The tarot isn’t magic, but it’s magical.

For more information,or to get a reading, use this link to the Readings page.


My approach to the Tarot

You can read some of my history on the About page, but if you want to know about my approach to the Tarot, and how I make use of it, you can watch some of the videos on my YouTube channel.

This recent video (about ten minutes long) considers how to begin a reading – i.e. with all cards face-down so we don’t start off thinking we know what the answer is and then make the mistake of reading what we want to see.


I had my first reading with John in back in the 1980s. My question was: will I ever get married and have a family? He told me it would happen soon, that I would marry someone from across the water who wouldn’t put me on a pedestal but be good for me. Just over a year later, I was married. p.s. I’m still with the same guy and now a mom and a grandmother.

Josie F.

We all of us at some time or another in our lives have questions we would like answered ,or nagging doubts about a direction we should be taking in life. We are human and do not any of us possess all the answers even if we think we do. That’s where John comes in. It’s his understanding, life experience ,vast knowledge and downright common sense with a dash of good humour thrown in that really matters and works.

Phil S.

John’s tarot readings consistently help me find clarity in my life. What I value in John as a tarot reader is that he doesn’t just recite some generic card meaning. He points out – while also helping you discover – the meaning in the card that is specific to you and your situation. He encourages you to look at the picture and symbolism on the card and see “what makes sense”, which is a very practical, empowering approach to working with the tarot. I’ve also found that he layers in metaphysical advice on top of the card meanings, so you really feel as though you’re getting holistic treatment – not just a cookie cutter reading. I am looking forward to learning more about the tarot – and about myself – through working with John!

Adele C.

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